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Welcome to the Grand Series, South America’s official road to the RLCS Season 8 World Championship.​

The Grand Series will take place between September 14th and November 10th. Teams from all over the South American region will clash to become the Grand Series Champion,  for a total prize of $30,500 USD, and fight to become one of the first two teams that South America sends to the RLCS World Championship!



There will be 4 separate open qualifiers: September 14, September 15, September 21, and September 22. The format for these Open Qualifiers will be a double elimination bracket with Best of 3 matches. The top 4 teams from each Open Qualifier day will proceed to the Play-In stage. 16 teams in total will move on to this stage.


In the Play-In stage, teams will first be split into four groups of four players, and each group will compete in a round robin stage. Teams that take first in their group will auto-qualify for League Play, while teams that come in fourth will be eliminated from the competition.

Teams that take second and third in their group will be re-seeded for Day 2 and will then compete in a double-elimination bracket to determine the last two teams that qualify for League Play!


The 6 teams that have qualified for League Play via the Open Qualifiers + Play-ins, plus the two pre'qualified teams from last season will compete in a 5 week Round Robin League with Best of 5 matches on Sundays between October 6th – November 3rd. The top 6 teams will move onto the Regional Championship.


The 6 best teams from League Play will compete in a double elimination bracket with Best of 7 matches on November 10th. The two teams that compete in the Grand Finals will qualify for the RLCS Season 8 World Championship.

RLCS World Championship

The two best teams from South America will fly to the Season 8 World Championship to represent all of South America and play against the giants of North America, Europe and Oceania.