“SAM Circuit” will be the path for South American players to RLCS X and Split International Majors. Each split will feature 2 identical phases that will grant RLCS points, named Grand Points, for every team that qualifies to Grand Series through granted points in “Prime Series” and weekly community tournaments, named Prime Points.


Grand Series will be played twice each Split. Format will consist of two stages, the first one will consist of one group of the best sixteen (16) Teams from Prime Series until that moment of the split, with each Team competing in Swiss Matches against other Teams within the group. If a Team wins three (3) Matches during this stage, it will advance to the second stage of Grand Series. If a Team loses three (3) Matches during this stage, it will be eliminated from the Tournament. 

The second stage will consist of a single elimination bracket (“Single Elimination Bracket”).
First round will consist of Best-of-five matches. Second round, third round and third place match will consist of Best-of-seven matches.

Prime Series will be a weekly tournament played each sunday that will grant points to teams based on their performance. These points will solely count to qualify for the Grand Series.
Prime Series will be played on three separate weekends. Each one will consist of a double elimination bracket (“Double Elimination Bracket”), meaning that a Team will not be eligible to move forward if it loses two Matches in the bracket. Each match will be Best-of-Three until the winner bracket semifinals which then will consist of Best-of-Five matches until Grand Finals.

Each wednesday of SAM Circuit (with the exception of Grand Series week), Rocket Street will feature one community to host the “Community tournament”. This competition will also grant qualification points for Grand Series.
Community Tournaments will be played in one day and will consist of a single elimination bracket (“Single Elimination Bracket”) with Best-of-Three matches until semifinals. Semifinals and Finals will consist of Best-of-Five matches.